Migrating Umbraco SQLCE database to MSSQL

Since Umbraco version 4.6 (correct me if I’m wrong here) we (developers) have been blessed with the possibility of using a Microsoft SQL Compact Edition database for developing Umbraco sites. If you’re using WebMatrix to manage your Umbraco sites, like I am, you would know of the “Migrate” button in the database section in WebMatrix. Pushing this button should easily migrate your Umbraco SQLCE database to any MSSQL database. However, this fails if you have any content which contains the characters ‘$(‘ – i.e. if you’ve used jQuery.

I tried nearly everything to export the data from the SQLCE database, but with no luck untill I found a program called Data Port Wizard by a company called Primeworks. This can be downloaded as a 30 days trial and migrates the data and tables in a matter of seconds with keys, indexes and everything you could wish for :-)

The program can be downloaded here: http://www.primeworks-mobile.com/Downloads/DPW.html

So, if you (like me) are stuck in a project with migrating data from SQLCE to a MSSQL server and don’t have the patience to manually add indexes, keys and stuff like that, this should be the right tool for the job!

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