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Umbraco development structure/architecture

It’s been over a year now since I decided settle down as an independent webdeveloper. Basically, it was just pure coincidence that I started developing Umbraco-based sites, but as we all know, Umbraco is quite addictive once you get the hang of the endless possibilities as a developer. Now, in this first year as an [...]

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Umbraco: more event goodness!

More event-based programming. Can’t get enough of it! On a more serious note, as an adjunct to my previous post about page events, I want to go into details (as much I can, really) on how I also made use of the Document events in Umbraco. It seems like editors/webmasters are more demanding these days [...]

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Umbraco: send document as newsletter

In one of my recent projects, the client wanted to be able to send a news-document as a newsletter by clicking on a button similar to publishing the document. Since I’ve never had a chance to actually modify the backend (other than creating new sections), this was a fun challenge. This is what I did: [...]

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Working with Umbraco Checkboxlist prevalues

Recently, a fellow ASP.NET/Umbraco developer asked me about my approach to working with prevalues of the Checkboxlist datatype in Umbraco from a UserControl. For a regular CRU(D, the prevalues are deleted when the document containing the datatype is deleted) there’s three steps: Creating a new document with selected prevalues Reading prevalues from a documents datatype [...]

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Uploading multiple files to Umbraco with Uploadify

Last week I was working on an Umbraco project which required that the frontend users are able to upload several images to Umbraco. After a good few minutes of googlin’ for a javascript library that could handle this, I ended up fooling around with a library called Uploadify. Uploadify is described like this: “Uploadify is [...]

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Hello world!

Well, hello world! Finally I decided to get something up and running here at my personal site (or was it just a plain good excuse to play around with WordPress, maybe?) Anyway, here I’ll be blogging and babbling about myself, my business, ASP.NET, Umbraco and webdevelopment in general. Maybe, just maybe, I will toss a [...]

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