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Umbraco: more event goodness!

More event-based programming. Can’t get enough of it! On a more serious note, as an adjunct to my previous post about page events, I want to go into details (as much I can, really) on how I also made use of the Document events in Umbraco. It seems like editors/webmasters are more demanding these days [...]

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Umbraco: send document as newsletter

In one of my recent projects, the client wanted to be able to send a news-document as a newsletter by clicking on a button similar to publishing the document. Since I’ve never had a chance to actually modify the backend (other than creating new sections), this was a fun challenge. This is what I did: [...]

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Working with Umbraco Checkboxlist prevalues

Recently, a fellow ASP.NET/Umbraco developer asked me about my approach to working with prevalues of the Checkboxlist datatype in Umbraco from a UserControl. For a regular CRU(D, the prevalues are deleted when the document containing the datatype is deleted) there’s three steps: Creating a new document with selected prevalues Reading prevalues from a documents datatype [...]

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Weblog API in Umbraco: Word to Umbraco

In one of my recent projects my client asked if it was possible to create and update content directly from Word as he’s primarily writing news and articles in Word from his mobile phone (HTC with Windows OS) First off, I thought that it would be quite a complex task, but my fellow Umbraco developer, [...]

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Notify members by email

The last week I have been working on a medium sized Umbraco project where you, as a member of the site, is able to advertise yourself and/or your product(line). When an ad is created, it’s set to expire at a given date set by the administrators. One of the business problems in this project was, [...]

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Hello world!

Well, hello world! Finally I decided to get something up and running here at my personal site (or was it just a plain good excuse to play around with WordPress, maybe?) Anyway, here I’ll be blogging and babbling about myself, my business, ASP.NET, Umbraco and webdevelopment in general. Maybe, just maybe, I will toss a [...]

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